Commonwealth Bank and Trust Company

Money Market Savings

You want to earn a good rate and have quick access to your money, too. Money Market Savings is for you. With this account, you can write up to three checks a month and make a total of six withdrawals a month (including checks) for free. You earn a higher rate as long as you maintain a minimum balance of $1,000. Save more, and have more access, with Money Market Savings.

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Monthly Maintenance Fee  None 
Minimum Opening Deposit  $1,000 
Minimum Daily Balance  $1,000 
Fall-Below Fee  $10 for daily balances under $1,000 
Deposits  Unlimited 
Interest  Compounded daily on all collected balances on four tiered levels 
Check Supply  Free basic book of 40 checks 
Withdrawals and Check Writing  6 free withdrawals and/or transfers per month* 
Excessive Withdrawal Penalty  $10 for any withdrawals and/or transfers exceeding 6 per month* 
*Federal regulations limit the number of withdrawals and/or transfers that may be made from a savings account by telephone/PC transfer, pre-authorized transfer, check or debit card. You are limited to six withdrawals and/or transfers from your savings account each month by pre-authorized transfer or telephone/PC transfer, including bill payments. And, if the account permits, transfers by check or debit card. A $10.00 charge is assessed after six for Personal and Business Money Market Accounts.