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Investment Management

Investment Management

The Commonwealth Wealth Management & Trust Group is committed to working with each of our clients to create a customized investment strategy by listening to and understanding the varying individual goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, while being keenly aware that portfolio management is a continuous process - reflecting changes in the client's needs and market conditions. We’ll provide the highest levels of customer service, open communication and the same personal attention that we would give our own families.

The steady hand of an experienced partner can be the most valuable asset in today's volatile economy. Our Investment Management experts offer the stability and guidance to contend with market fluctuation. We are committed to providing our clients with an open architecture, utilizing 'Best in Class' investment managers and proprietary investment ideas designed to optimize a client's total, risk-adjusted return.

Working with our Investment Management team, you can expect:


Here we share the core beliefs that guide our investment strategies and implementation.

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Walk step-by-step through the Commonwealth Investment Process to see how we tailor our plans to match your lifestyle and financial goals.

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Investment Pillars

Today’s global markets are complicated and it is more challenging than ever to manage your investments. We have developed a well-defined investment philosophy and process centered around the following three investment pillars.

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