Commonwealth Bank and Trust Company

Investment Management


Our investment management process is centered on understanding your financial needs and objectives, building a long-term client relationship, and ensuring your investments are performing at their maximum potential.

Understand Your Needs

We begin by gaining an in-depth knowledge of your current financial situation, future investment goals and objectives as well as your comfort level for taking risk.

Create a Personalized Investment Plan
Then, we develop a customized Investment Policy Statement. This is the cornerstone of our investment management process and establishes the criteria for matching long-term objectives with an appropriate investment plan.

Implement the CB&T Investment Formula
Next, we employ our investment formula, consisting of three distinct elements:

  1. Strategic Allocation to establish a static portfolio mix that can meet your goals
  2. Tactical Allocation to take advantage of exceptional market opportunities
  3. Security Selection to choose the best equities, fixed income vehicles and outside managers for your portfolio.

Portfolio Monitoring & Communication
Finally, our portfolio managers and Investment Committee members review portfolio holdings and performance on a regular basis using the latest technology and resources.

Wealth Management & Trust Services
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Not FDIC Insured. Investments Not Guaranteed. Investments May Lose Value. Fees may apply for services. Consult your tax attorney or CPA for details on tax benefits.