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We’ve simplified the statement process

e-Statements are an easy, secure and environmentally friendly way to receive your bank account statements. Through CBandT's Online Banking feature, business and personal customers can receive checking and/or savings account statements electronically – with access to statements for the previous 18 months.

Enrollment Terms are available here.

Important Notices

Email Address Changes
You must notify Commonwealth Bank & Trust Company of an email address change by visiting a bank location, or by sending a secure message via Internet Banking, and completing a Maintenance form.

Paper Statements
e-Statement enrollment can be canceled at any time by visiting a bank location and completing the e-Statement Cancellation form. By completing this form, you will receive paper statements for the checking and savings account(s) listed on the e-Statement Cancellation form. If you agreed to obtain e-Statements and subsequently want a paper statement while still enrolled, you may visit any bank location to receive a paper copy. Fees may apply as disclosed.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at 502.259.2000 or 502.633.1000.

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Authorization & Signatures

I acknowledge I have read and understand this Agreement. By submiting the information here, I consent to obtaining e-Statements and appropriate disclosures for the accounts I have listed above.

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