e-Statement Enrollment

You must be enrolled in Internet banking in order to enroll and receive e-Statements.

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e-Statement Process

  1. Complete the following form by entering your information in the fields below. Choose the “Submit” button to send the enrollment information to a First Security Trust Bank (FSTB) secured site.
  2. After you have completed the online e-Statement Enrollment, FSTB will send a confirmation email to the email address provided by you within five (5) business days. IMPORTANT: The Bank’s email message WILL NOT contain any confidential information OR require you to provide any confidential information.
  3. You must acknowledge the receipt of this email from FSTB by following the instructions included. FSTB must receive the acknowledgement reply from you before we can send you e-Statements.
  4. Each month when your e-Statement is ready for the selected checking or savings account(s), you will receive a notification email from FSTB.
  5. You must logon to Internet Banking to view your e-Statement.
  6. Appropriate disclosures, including error resolution instructions, are located on the website and can be accessed by clicking “Terms and Conditions” on the homepage.

Important Notices

Email Address Changes
You must notify First Security Trust Bank of an email address change by visiting a banking center and completing a Maintenance form.

Paper Statements
e-Statement enrollment can be cancelled at any time by visiting a banking center and completing the e-Statement Cancellation form. By completing this form, you will receive paper statements for the checking and savings account(s) listed on the e-Statement Cancellation form.

If you agreed to obtain e-Statements and subsequently want a paper statement while still enrolled, you may visit any banking center to receive a paper copy. FSTB’s published fee will be charged for this service.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our three banking centers, visit www.FSTB.com or call 859.746.9000.

Customer Information

Account Information


Authorization & Signatures

I acknowledge I have read and understand this Agreement. By submiting the information here, I consent to obtaining e-Statements and appropriate disclosures for the accounts I have listed above.

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