Commonwealth Bank and Trust Company
Target announced that over 40 million credit and/or debit cards used in any of their U.S. based stores between November 27 and December 15 may have been compromised. If you used ANY debit or credit card during this time, your account may be vulnerable to fraudulent transactions.

The CBandT Security and Fraud Team are working diligently to determine if any CBandT cards were potentially compromised as a result of the Target breach. If CBandT cards are identified as a result of this investigation, your Branch Manager will contact you with additional information and instructions on how to replace your card. CBandT offers instant-issue debit card service for qualifying customers. Instant-issue provides customized debit cards to our customers within 10 minutes at any local branch.

Please review your account history through Internet Banking and report any suspicious activity immediately to 502.259.2000 or 502.633.1000. For additional information about protecting your accounts, visit www.onguardonline.gov.

To go directly to their blog post about the Target scamming threat, click here.